Why I'm running

Education is foundational in our lives. It is the key that opens doors and strengthens our democracy. When it is insufficient, lacking or ineffective that denies students access to opportunities for advancement and cripples our entire community. I want everyone in our county to have the same opportunities. To do that, we need change on our School Board. That change begins with ACCOUNTABILITY, EQUITY, and COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT.

I am running for a seat on the School Board


  • To bring ACCOUNTABILITY and a transparent perspective to education

    • I believe decisions should be made based on data and positive outcomes. If we can’t measure it, it doesn’t matter.

    • Dollars are precious and should only be spent on researched-based initiatives with evidence that confirms the initiative improve outcomes

    • Our community has a right to honest accounting and reporting of disaggregated District academic performance and finances

  • To be a champion for EQUITY for every student; ensuring that students have resources and access to opportunities necessary to be successful

    • All students can learn and deserve high quality instruction regardless of their zip code or economic status

    • Evidence-based reporting will confirm or challenge our equity efforts, and they should be reported in plain language on a regular basis to parents and the tax-paying public.

    • Advocating for programs and policies to improves the life outcomes of our lowest performing students. We must close the achievement gap by improving outcomes for all students especially those in the lowest quartile on standardized tests.

  • To build COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT that improves outcomes of marginalized students.

    • You do not need to be a member of an organization or a lobbying group to be heard by your School Board representative. Every citizen is a stakeholder.

    • I pledge to work collaboratively with parents, students, instructional and educational support staff and community groups so that we can make our school system one that serves all students.  

    • Regular and plain spoken reporting will be a key to encouraging community involvement, using social media and affordable communications technology.